I will start by saying that we all have our right to express our opinions and this is guaranteed to us under the Constitution. I will also say that NEVER in my 61 years on this earth have I lost sleep over an inauguration till now. I am trying to sleep and am still awake. I usually fall asleep after praying. However, tonight I am in such despair over what I fear is coming. Not just that Trumps big moment will be tainted by hate or his celebration will be ruined even though I bet none of you would want this to happen to you or any family members if you were in his shoes, but sincerely, My thoughts are honestly also of all of you. Because of the global elites trying to prevent someone who is FOR THE PEOPLE , ALL PEOPLE, They have pitted races against races dividing this country. In their efforts to paint him as against women, against blacks, against TBLGTs all of you will show up to make your voices heard and whether or not it is your intention does not matter- there will be violence and bloodshed. Many will not make it home that day because of their decision to go protest.
I am a mother and grandmother and thanks be to God I do not have to worry about burying any of my children or grandchildren that day. I do not have to worry about my children being motherless or fatherless because we decided to go disrupt a function so our voices could be heard. Your voices have been heard for months and Mr. Trump knows what needs to be done to help you. I had the opportunity to go to the Inauguration. I turned the free tickets down. Even though it has been something Ive never had the opportunity to do it would have been a neat thing to have experienced. However, sadly, I feel my life is more important than having the experience of buying a pretty dress and going to a huge, once in a lifetime party that I could remember the rest of my life. It is going to be dangerous. So many protesters, hired security, police, bikers, homeland security, military personnel, not to mention the people who are attending for the festivities to welcome our new president, like all other presidents in our history have done. The area will have over a million people there. I implore each of you to think about what you are doing.
So many fatherless children are in this world already. Every child needs both parents. For some of you, it may be an elderly parent who needs you. And I can assure you that the global elite DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE BEAT UP, TRAMPLED OR DIE. Many women, thousands, have applied for protest permits to attend. I ask each of you who are planning to protest to imagine yourself in a coffin. Who is at your funeral? What kind of emotional shape are your family and friends in?
They are ready and waiting for the riots to start. If you ever wondered what true pandemonium is like I fear you will find it on that day. Stay home with your babies and families. Trump has heard your voices. And he cares and wants to help. He has made all the right enemies at the top who hate the fact that Americans are tired of what the leadership has done to us all. BUT This is not worth it. Your life,if not important to you, is important to your children and family members. If this post saves just one life it was worth the hours of sleep I have lost. And so, with that being said, after this, my prayer for you, I may be able to sleep. I am a nurse by trade and am used to fixing people. It is a bad feeling to be powerless to help hurting people. So, my brain told me get out of bed and write this. That it is the only thing I can do. So heres my prayer … Gracious heavenly father I come to you on behalf of all Americans. If they so choose to go out and protest please keep them safe father and spare the children their parents. Send legions of angels to the White House so that these protests do not cause grief and serious injury and death. Guide their minds and decisions.Give them comfort in knowing that you are in control no matter who is president. I asked these things and thank you for these things in Jesus name. Amen




Inauguration Disruption

Can people not see that constantly accusing decent people of racism and constantly rioting and killing police officers and other people IS NOT helping the african american people be accepted? It is painting yourselves as an angry race and is destroying peoples cities and lives. The continued violence and accusing others of racism as your excuse to trash neighborhoods, destroy peoples lives, threaten people and the continued talk of slavery and things that happened many years ago really makes you look angry, racist, violent, and unintelligent.
I saw two people talking about things that happened sixty years ago as their platform while they accused sessions of being a racist. Both were black senators. And kept talking about how things used to be segregated and slavery and stuff that none of us alive are responsible for. TO WIT, I am looking at these african americans thinking to myself, “What the heck are you talking about?’re both black and both senators! Something that was not allowed way back in the day you both were complaining of. I feel Dr. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of you all!
And the hate group, ” Black Lives Matter” ? In my opinion, not only has it done nothing to help blacks but its members are showing the world a totally different picture painting blacks as a bunch of ignorant, violent, hateful, unwilling to speak and behave in a civil tone and behave in a civil manner, kind of people. Dr. Martin Luther King gave his LIFE to get black Americans to be respected and this is how you honor his legacy? What the heck is wrong with all of you?
You are hurting all blacks by behaving the way you are. Dr. Martin Luther King said he dreamed of the day when all men would be judged by their character and not the color of their skin. WHAT KIND OF CHARACTER is portrayed burning cities, killing and beating people up because they are white or even other blacks that disagree with your point of view or voted for trump. What kind of character is being portrayed by this type of behavior? I WILL TELL YOU THE CHARACTER IT PORTRAYS. ITS NOT A GOOD ONE.
If I would not know better from having many, many black friends and coworkers over many years that were educated and kind and thoughtful people and these were the only black people I ever saw was the ones on TV doing all this horrible, unGodly, horrific stuff, I can tell you this…it would not make me think you were my equal. You want equality? You have it…we have a black president for crying out loud! Wake up man! You are setting back equality for all blacks by not behaving like most of the world behaves.
And the very predjudice you are accusing whites of, you are PUBLICLY DISPLAYING every time you are beating whites and blacks who vote for Trump. And causing violence is scheduled by THE J20 group for the inauguration? Disgraceful! Are you serious? This is America.It is a free country and all people can believe whatever they want so long as it doesnt violate the life, liberty and property of others.
We are living in a perilous world right now. America is on the verge of world war III and the globalists are loving the racial tensions they are escalating so that they can divide and conquer us. George Soros is an evil, villanous white man who funds BLM and other crisis actors USING the black men and women, paying the crisis actors to disrupt society, causing racial tension and dividing the races and thus destabilizing our nation. Why are you allowing this evil white man to use and manipulate you? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! Start acting like human beings and think of the effect you are having on others. RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN.
Stop thinking in the color of ones skin and realize we are all created by the same God. And make no mistake about it, we are all going to be held accountable for our deeds here on Earth. I will pray for you all. And stop with the racist stuff. Please! The word is becoming so frequently misused that when someone indeed is a victim of racism, nobodys gonna listen. And THAT will be a travesty that you will be partly responsible for.
And before you get on your high horse and accuse me of racism myself, know that I have a bi-racial son. My mother-in-law was like the my mother I never had . I loved her deeply as I do the rest of my relatives . I dont judge people by their skin color. I judge them by their heart and by how they treat others. My son is retired military, an ordained minister and just got his bachelors degree. He is not running around trashing peoples neighborhoods and beating people up because he is black. Ask God to guide you in what you should do.



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OUR CURRENT COMMANDER IN CHIEF IS CLEARLY A DOMESTIC ENEMY. THE MILITARY OATH THAT IS TAKEN SAYS, ” I do solemly swear ( or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and bear true faith and allegience to the same and to obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over me, according to regulation and the Uniform  Code of Military Justice so help me God”.

WHAT HAPPENS NOW WHEN THE PRESIDENT IS THE DOMESTIC ENEMY? In this instance the first order of importance is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And in this case they would be justified to not obey the President and to stand down nd not carry out unconstitutional orders. Be aware this is why Obama has fired so many miltary generals. BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO OBEY UNCONSTUTINAL ORDERS THAT WOULD HARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. HE HAS FIRED MORE  GENERALS AND COMMAND LEVEL OFFICERS THAN ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED.

This President has been consistently giving executive orders byassing Congess whose job it is to decide when we go to war. He has abused his power and done so much harm by taking away our rights through these executive orders that it is UNBELIEVABLE that people of Congress have not protested against it.

This is NOT a professing by me in any way shape or form hatred of Muslim people as I know and have worked with many. However, the president is admittedly Muslim, has appointed a Muslim to the office of the head of homeland security as well as allowing thousands of refugees for which ISIS has sworn to be in the mix, to come into our country and they are still coming. Thanks to Obama. John Brennan the Director of CIA, the drone master, also appointed by Obama is a converted Muslim. ARE WE BLIND? I dont THINK it takes a rocket scientist to see where we are headed.

Now, in a DHS ( dept of homeland security) memo Obama has said he wants to make our voting process federalized and secret. WHAT? this is insane! If he gets away with this Our votes will then be controlled by a centralized location of the government and we will be informed who won. In this memo he also said this is the end of transparency in the electoral process, total central contol by the Federal Government. Of our voting? Really?

OFFICERS in the military take an oath  that has an added phrase to the above oath that says, ” I take this oath of my own free will without hesitation or purpose of evasion” meaning this oath is being taken of my own free will and I’m not going to back out of it.” While I feel this additional phrase is not necessary, it is the oath in addition to the above oath.

Those of you who may have not ever noticed, everytime Congress is on vacation for example during the Christmas and new years holidays, FOR YEARS now, legislation is passed under the radar so most congress representatives do not get a chance to read it and only the people who are present get to vote it into law. THIS IS AN UNDERHANDED trick and is not a violation of the Constitution due to the fact that the few congressional members do vote on it, many times without reading it in its entirety. The worst legislation is voted into law during these times.

We are in troubled times and the Global elite are not standing down. This is the worst presidential transition I have ever known. They are so freaked out and such sore losers that they couldnt steal the election, recounted votes n that didnt work, had riots and threatened electoral college voters lives with death threats etc. ( THIS IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE AND WITH THE INTERNET YOU CAN FIND DOZENS OF STORIES ABOUT THIS)  and that didn’t work.

They are trying to accuse so badly Trump of being a Russian agent in cahoots with Putin and this is unbelievably ….I dont even know the adjective its so outrageous. Presidents all over the world are and have expressed happiness and looking forward to working with our president elect Donald Trump and WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? Our presidents job requires him or her to have an open mind and to have good relations with people in order to maintain world peace.

I PRAY OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN ABIDE BY THEIR OATH AND REFUSE  TO OBEY UNLAWFUL ORDERS. Now he who criticized Trump for wanting to build a wall and his wife saying we dont do that.?lol theyre building a huge wall around their rented mansion.

Pray for America. Pray that our Congress takes a stand. Obama is guilty of treason, in the literal definition, and can be seen in the 2012 NDAA ( national defense authorization act) .


” He who votes decides nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything”  a quote of Joseph Stalin the brutal dictator.







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Breaking news, obama just told all the russian diplomats, i think fifty , maybe more that they have 72 hours to leave the United States. This has never happened in the history of United States even during the Cuban missile crisis and it is an act of war. Obama conveniently did this while most of Congress was away as this is the Christmas holiday. Normally Congress decides when to go to war. However he did it when most people are away. Your congressman that is going in to office has no authority and the congressman who is going out it is on vacation for the Christmas New Year’s holiday PLEASE… to avoid world war , A nuclear world war three with Russia I IMPLORE you to please call your governor first and if they don’t know about it just tell them about it OR you can Google this. Call your governor and leave a message and an email if you can letting people know that we do not want World War III. Call your Senator as well as these are the only two offices that can do something about this. There is no Congress right now and this is why Obama waited to do this. It is a very scary time folks and all I can say is to prepare yourself as far as having fresh food and water and for your pets as well. If you have never called a governor or senator or congressman in your life now would be the time that you would want to do this. I will include the link where you can watch yourself and God help us all thankyou .

Unbelievable Sore Losers. GOD HELP US ALL

It really is a shame and scary as well that our government officials, in this case the Democrats, will stop at nothing to carry out the political agenda for this country that Donald Trump has intercepted. They will stop at NOTHING to gain control again. Those of you who do not like Trump, I get that. We are all entitled as a free country to express our opinions freely as guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution.
However, the same people who were trying to say President Elect Donald J. Trump would not accept the election results have done EXACTLY what they said he would do but worse. We MUST pray for Trump and his family.
They will stop at nothing to include starting World War III to make it possible for Obama to declare a state of emergency so that he can stay in power longer and suspend the inauguration. Or to go so far as to assassinate Trump as well as Mike Pence so that speaker of the house Paul Ryan would then become President.
This is such a pitiful shame how powerful and power hungry the Globalist Elite have become. For Gods sake America, WAKE UP! This is going on in plain site. Whether you like Trump or not it is the principle of what’s being done that is important here.
Vladimir Putin is annihilating Isis which is in his country’s best interest to do so.



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I’m sure many of you have not read about the crisis actors. Don’t believe this article because I say so, research it for yourself and then you will understand this blog and my disdain for these unbelievably horrid human beings who would do ANYTHING for money. This includes defacing peoples property and burning people’s houses down, beating innocent people and spreading hateful messages that are lies, running around the streets acting like lunatics.

UCLA actually told their students they did not have to take their midterm exams if they were too distraught about the election results! Are you kidding me ?! If you are so distraught about election results that your college needs to bring in counselors and you can’t take your tests that are required for your degree then, in my opinion there is something wrong with you and you don’t deserve a degree. Fail the class and take it over next semester. UNBELIEVABLE !

All during this campaign Hillary hired actors to the tune of 500-1500 dollars a week to stir up problems at Trump rally’s so they could say people hated him. THIS IS A FACT AND SHE WAS BUSTED. Now again these buses were spotted crossing states lines to cause protests, civil unrest etc. BLACK LIVES MATTER GROUPS as far as I am concerned are terrorists. They are reportedly all paid for by George Soros, Hillary’s good friend who has crashed more than one country’s economy. To Gain Global Power and control.

They claim to represent the African American population however, I have many black friends and family members and none of them act that way or do those things. They are educated and loving people. I’d like to know How these people sleep at night. Knowing they are hurting others for no reason other than to make money. They claim to stand for equality for blacks and say they are against hatred. I would say any organization that is named after the color of their skin in their title IS IN FACT A RACIST group. But they call Trump and white people racists? The hatred they display for anyone who has a different opinion than they do is deplorable . God is watching, that’s for sure.

They are causing racial division by their animal like destruction. No respect for people or people’s property or people’s lives. Yet they are fighting for respect. Really? Well all you idiots, respect is EARNED. If the BLM ( black lives matter) group actually did something to help black people I would respect them as I did Martin Luther King. He was a man who made his voice heard and who led peaceful protests to get his message across. I am hearing racist, racist, racist so much that it has lost its meaning for many people. Which makes it very bad for people who are true victims of racism. I have included a video to show you what these BLM members do to people of their own race. It’s just incredible. A grown man telling a black teen that he and his parents are a disgrace. Shaming a child because he liked Donald Trump. So much anger and hatred against a child he doesnt even know. A child i would be very proud to call my son because he had more knowledge about the facts and more restraint than a man four times his age. The part that really boggles the mind is that if you vote for Trump you are a racist to them. Hillary is white too. Lol. if black lives really matter to them then they would not have treated a child of their own race so badly.

Love trumps hate. Really?


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Listen up my fellow Americans..


You call yourselves Americans yet are calling for the assassination of the newly elected American President? This IS NOT the American way. This is the way of dictators. Places that dont think twice about killing their citizens or president.this is the way of Terrorists. Fear based systems of control is what they use to accomplish their goals. There’s even one post showing a photo of someone holding a sign that says “Rape Melania” . Dear Lord!! Where’s the love in these messages ?  I sure as hell can’t see it. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO DO THIS! 

One minute Hillary supporters are saying they hate trump because he doesnt respect women and then these same Hillary supporters protest with signs that say Rape Melania? Is that respect for women? BUNCH of MENTALLY UNSTABLE, ANGRY, VIOLENT, RIOT INCITING INDIVIDUALS.  Hillary supporters are the ones burning down cities, inciting riots, threatening to kill trump. So, who’s violent? Who disrespects women? This is unbelievably sad to me to see this happening in America or anywhere! Totally unbelievable, disgusting and unacceptable behavior.

For all the people who  are so distraught they swore they’d  leave the country, I say this….we will see about your characters and how truthful you all are. If I were rich I’d buy you all a plane ticket. We do not need division in this country. The bushes Clinton’s and Obama have all done a great job at dividing races and causing all the problems we face today. 

What I will say is this… They got the slogan right… Love DOES  trump hate ! And the godly people of this world  will continue to love. And pray for Mr. Trump. Because we LOVE God, living in a free society, living free from tyranny. LOVE will prevail and considering that during the election, Michigan wasn’t counted. When you add the results for Michigan you can see that Donald Trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral college votes.

He hasn’t even taken office yet but is being blamed for all kinds of things that he has had nothing to do with! He was never a congressman. He had absolutely nothing to do with influencing government or any of the problems this world has or that we are suffering. He was nice and comfortable in his happy life, building businesses and working every day at his company. Like me and millions of others, as evidenced by his landslide victory on election day, he loves America and was sick of seeing what’s happening. Also, can these protestors and Facebook, twitter twits not see or are they so stupid that they don’t know that he IS NOT PRESIDENT? He is the President Elect. OBAMA is still president. Where is Obama? Golfing again? Why is he not holding a press conference telling these idiots that they will be prosecuted? And trying to unite the country?

When I look at the Internet  and see all these “kill trump” , ” trump needs to die” , “what black man is going to kill trump? ” and titles of the like, I honestly….honestly cannot wrap. my head around these peoples brains. Are they so stupid that they do not realize that conspiracy to commit murder is a crime? No less they have their IP address attached to their hateful message. Yet they hold a sign saying love trumps hate. UNBELIEVABLE! 



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Congratulations America, you’ve made your voices heard! I thank you for voting. God has once again delivered us from evil. I saw this mans message and wanted to share it with you. Come January, or soon thereafter , the global elite, big bankers will allow the Federal Reserve to crash the economy to blame it on Donald Trump. All the trump haters who’ve never met the man will believe the rhetoric. That’s why people are letting you know in advance to expect it. It will not be Donald Trump who is responsible for the comng recession. It will be the Rockerfellers, George Soros, the Carlisle Group, the Goldman-Sacks global elite, who will be responsible. I only pray that all the trump haters out there can give him a chance to undo the years of oppression caused by our poor leaders. Please listen.its very short. Thankyou.