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Im venturing to guess , that more than half the world has no idea what they are eating. They just like the way something tastes so they eat it. Yum yum! BUMMER guys n gals. We need to educate ourselves about high fructose corn syrup,GMO foods ( contain genetically modified organisms, not yummy sounding is it? ) and folks? When you do learn about this stuff please don’t feed it to your children…..more people are diabetic, need dialysis, have cancer and are dying at an alarming rate than ever before. I have been a registered nurse for many years now and the things I have learned and the research I do, is something I would like to share with you. So that when you eat or make dinner for your family,you know in your heart of hearts that you are giving them life sustaining , and not life robbing, foods. I am not a heathfood nut or a”YOU MUST EAT ORGANIC ” kinda guy that forces my beliefs on others however, with that being said…

What is organic anyway? Well, I hafta say and some of you will laugh, others  may not find it funny at all.Truth is, many people don’t realize what organic even means. Here’s my story…  I was at the gas station and the gentleman in front of me was telling the clerk, ” What a crock!  I mean, who thought up this organic stuff anyway? Just a way to charge more money! “? I usually dont get involved in strangers affairs however, I was in awe of his ignorance and said, ” Nobody  INVENTED it! God gave it to us that way!  Your grandparents and great grandparents all ate everything organic. Pesticides weren’t used . Organic food merely means it is grown without harmful chemical and pesticides. The reason it costs more is because crops yield less many times BECAUSE they don’t use chemicals to ward off pests that destroy the crops.

The man replied, ” Oh, I was wondering where this whole organic thing comes from.” I told him, ” Just remember one thing if you remember nothing else, everything that’s put into the soil goes into a plant by its root system and everything that is sprayed on the plant gets absorbed too. And all this ends up inside you. He then replied, “I never thought of it like that before”. There is alot of information out there in recent years about how our food supply has been tainted, some say an alarming 90%. This is fact folks. It is not a conspiracy theory or a lunatic believing anything he hears. My son says, ” Don’t believe it because I say so. Research it for yourself and make your own decision.” . That is what I am asking you to do now. I will update this post with a few of the gazillion you tube videos of alarming things! These are real  people who experience the wrath of Monsanto who has poisoned our food supply and has the money and the power to continue to do so. PLEASE, as a nurse, I am asking you to do the research, protect yourself, your children and your pets for that matter. Livestock die and get infections at alarming rates. Did you ever wonder why they give cows antibiotics? It’s because they are injecting them with bovine growth hormone to make them produce more milk. That causes their teats to become swollen and infected and the pus goes into the milk we are drinking.  Really terrible things are happening and sadly most people are clueless. In the meantime I will ask you to do some homework. Google GMO cattle feed, dangers of high fructose corn syrup, sunscreen and skin cancers, dangers of vaccinations. I will be blogging on all these type things.