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One day a Doctor, nurse and an insurance agent were driving to the office and got into a horrible crash. They were all killed instantly . The doctor found himself at a beautiful door. So he knocked. Saint Peter was there and said, Good morning young man, what makes you feel you deserve a place here in Heaven? The  man said, ” Is that where we are? Well, I guess I deserve a place here because I have been a good Doctor  for fifty years. I treated my patients well and even if they weren’t able to pay, I still gave them the best care and free medicine. I did a lot with the money I did get. I helped the church and homeless shelters and did many things in the community to make the community a better place for all. St. Peter said, “Okay Doc, you can come in”.

Next, the nurse arrived. She knocked on the door and St. Peter said, ” Good morning young lady. What makes you think you deserve a place here in heaven? “. The nurse replied, ” Well, I worked with a Doctor who was just like me. He was very kind,  as was I. I treated all my patients with respect and dignity, I comforted them and held their hands and cried with them when they were sad. I visited them when they were ill and brought them food. I think i made their world a bit brighter”. St. Peter said, ” Okay dear, you may come in” and the nurse entered.

Next, a tall gentleman with a clipboard , dressed in a suit, came to the door and knocked. St. Peter opened the door and said, ” Good morning Sir. What makes you think you deserve a place here ?”. The man , smiling, replied, ” Do you see those two fine folks you just let in? Well, I’m the one who makes sure they get paid.”  St. Peter smiled, and said, “Okay Sir, you may come in but you can only stay three days.”