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One day a lady was walking to the grocery store. She passed the pet shop as she did everyday, but today there was a cage outside with a beautiful bird inside. She had to stop! As she went closer and peered into the cage, the bird sqwalked loudly and said, ” You’re  ugly!”. The woman was mortified and continued on to the grocery store. She thought to herself, ” What a rude bird. I wonder who taught it to say THAT!”.

The following day she passed again but the bird was quiet. She went closer again to admire his beautiful feathers. Again, the bird sqwalked loudy and said, “You’re ugly!”. As she looked up to walk away she saw people laughing and became angry. The woman went into the store and demanded to speak to the manager. When the manager came to her, she told him what the bird had done each time she stopped to look. The manager apologized saying, “I’m so sorry Ma’am , I’ll have a talk with him”.

The woman left, thinking to herself, ” Alot of good that will do. Talk to him. Sure.” The next day the woman passed the store and the bird was quiet. She went closer and the bird just looked at her. She was amazed. Then the bird sqwalked and said, “You know!”