Contrary to popular belief, cats are intelligent and can be taught to follow commands and do tricks . The way you accomplish this is to repeat the single word command and reward with a treat.

Come–  Say only the word come and use a hand gesture that signals come while allowing the cat to see that you have a treat. When he comes you reward with the treat and praise the cat for doing the command.

UP – While sitting on the sofa , signal with your hand in an upward motion while saying the command up. When your cat jumps up you reward him/her with the morsel of food and verbal praise.

SIT-  While your cat is standing, just like you would do to a dog, say sit and press their hind end down and give them a reward. It really takes once or twice and that’s it. Unlike dogs, cats learn extremely fast.

NOTE: It is not healthy for your pet to have too many treats. Those of you who feed your cat dry food, it is good to use a dry food morsel as a reward for the trick your cat has performed or the command it has followed.