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While living in New York, I occasionally stopped at the local Sabrett hotdog stand to get a hotdog. I knew it would probably be the last time I would do so because I was moving to Florida. I asked the man, ” Can you tell me what you do to these hotdogs? I buy  Sabrett hotdogs and they do not taste like yours.” 

The man said, ” I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you”. I laughed and again asked, telling him I was moving and there was no chance I’d be opening a stand to compete with him. The man laughed and said, “Vinegar.” 

I have been adding about a cup of vinegar to my hotdogs when I’m cooking a whole package, and have been doing that for many years. So, the secret’s out. Hope you’ll give it a try. And, be sure to buy Sabrett or any kosher hot dogs. They are free from the additives other hotdogs have. Happy eating! 🙂