One day as I busied myself around the  garden and house, I decided I would really like a nice cup of coffee. So, I came inside and cleaned up and put a pot of coffee on. As the coffee pot sputtered its last drops, I took my mug from the cupboard and proceeded to the refrigerator.

To my dismay, alas I had forgotten to purchase milk when I was out doing errands earlier that day. I do not enjoy my coffee black. I was so disappointed , as I really was looking forward to that coffee. Then I thought to myself, ” Oh, wait a minute! You bought vanilla ice cream! That’s made from milk!”

What can I tell you? When you are desperate, you do give the ridiculous a try. So, I opened the freezer door and took out the ice cream. I put two heaping teaspoons of vanilla ice cream into my coffee and stirred it until it melted.

And, it was delicious!! I hope you won’t wait till you are out of milk to give this a try! Enjoy!