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There are so many decisions to be made by parents. Times have changed and the horrendous amounts of vaccines they force on our children by the age of two is staggering, just mind-blowing. Did you know if you choose not to vaccinate you can still send your child to school? They would have us believe we cannot but it’s just not true.

The videos below show you real case studies, real children who have been subjected to forced vaccinations because the doctors made parents feel as if they were bad parents if they did not . YOU ARE A BAD PARENT in my eyes , if you do not research this topic to make an informed decision on behalf of the baby that you carried for nine months . This baby that you love , this baby that is your world, this baby that people want to inject with neurotoxic poisons that will rob the very life you want your baby to have. You must make the time to see the things that are out there folks. So that when you say yes to a doctor doing these things to your child, it will be an informed decision. God bless you and guide your minds to see the truth.embed]