Safety? What could an infant do that would jeapordize it’s safety? Parents you must learn about all the things that will be a safety hazard for your child at all phases of his and her development. One of the main safety cautions, as a nurse, that I can teach you is to never leave your baby unattended. The consequences could prove deadly. And, for all of you that are new parents or parents to be, when people hold your baby or touch your baby for that matter, ask them to please wash their hands. I have a story about hand sanitizers that I plan to publish. Hand sanitizer does not take the place of hand washing. And ecoli for instance, is a bacteria that is only killed by soap at water. Alcohol does not afffect the bacteria at all. I hope you enjoy this site that I found. It is on point . CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.