Anxiety is a normal emotion. We all feel it from time to time. Some people however, over react to the perceived problem instead of taking a few deep breaths and telling themselves ,”I am in control of my emotions. My emotions are not in control of me,! ”

Unfortunately, people, now at alarmingly young ages,
are seeking medicine to take away their anxiety. They do not realize how dangerous the drugs are that sedate their brains so that they do not feel their own emotions.


Furthermore, it is amazing and infuriating to me as a person in the medical field, how readily young people in their late teens and early twenties are placed on Xanax or some other mild altering drug.

What ever happened to counseling and psychiatrists teaching patients life skills and coping skills? And using medications as a very last resort? Let’s face it folks, we live in a very busy world. Everything is about productivity and how fast we can do things. Coupled with single parents and sometimes households with both parents needing to work long hours to meet the financial needs of their family. And then they come home exhausted, still thinking about work, and have to cook and clean and try to meet the needs of their families.

Yes indeed, this busy world we live in has far more stress than years gone by. In my opinion technology, while nice to be able to access information about anything with a click of a button, is one of life’s biggest stressors that I see today.

Distracted drivers talking and texting and arguing on the phone while they are out in public. Folks, for a week, try this experiment. When you are driving and shopping, turn your cell phone off. Keep it in the car in case your car breaks down but don’t leave it on. And I am not talking about putting it on vibrate. I am talking about turning it completely off so it cannot ring.

Use your time as a getaway from stress. Shop and enjoy the experience and rest it provides to have “you time”. Peace and quiet and ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Trust me when I say that your arguing on the phone in public is very stressful and annoying to people who are out trying to enjoy themselves. I am starting to see businesses post signs ” want service? turn your phone off” and similar signs.
What does that tell you? And, when I am visiting someone, I am going to see them because I want to spend time with them. How rude is it to have an hour and decide to go see someone you haven’t seen in a while and then spend half your time with them talking to others. It’s very rude and has deprived you too, of an enjoyable visit.

Don’t get in the car and check your messages either. Wait till you get home and have put away your groceries and whatever else you need to accomplish and THEN check your messages. If it is too late to respond to a text or a message in your voice mail, sobeit….do it tomorrow

I can just about guarantee that you will see in a weeks time that you are less stressed and a happier person if you try this little experiment. That is a heck of a lot easier to reduce stress without the need, expense, or side effects of taking medications. You cannot feel anything you do not allow yourself to feel. You control your emotions. Do not allow them to control you. If you do this experiment for one week, every day, I can guarantee you will have more time with your family and get more of your chores done than you could ever imagine. That will be a great feeling for you. Hope you give it a try