Seems to me that tobacco has been around for centuries without the rates of cancer we have today. Could it be the cancer causing chemicals they add to the tobacco? Of course it can! It is amazing to me that people will tell you they are trying to stop smoking because the chemicals in the cigarettes are harmful to you. Yet they will go out and buy vapor cigarettes and inhale those chemicals. I decided to do a littler research to see if my thought process was accurate and here is what I found . Keep in mind they use the word MAY a lot . May means CAN. or they would say “no evidence suggests”. Fact is, the e-cigarettes contain nicotine. So to get around that they say but the danger is from the smoke and there is no smoke in e-cigarettes because NOW, you are blowing out vapor not smoke. Really? Well, can second hand vapor cause harm to others?  Can inhaling vapor be harmful to me? It is not good for people with heart conditions and MAY  harm your arteries but, “WE DON’T KNOW BECAUSE WE HAVEN’T STUDIED IT LONG ENOUGH”. Thats their answer. My question is then why did you allow it to be put on the market for human consumption? So we can have another “BAD DRUG class action lawsuit  ?