Well, the last article I posted was saying Mama-to-be needs a home. My son has been taking care of Jaxy for slightly over a month now. When I initially met her, I was sure she was pregnant and we looked at videos on line for ways to tell if she was and she did seem pregnant . We searched for many days for her owner, posted signs, asked around the neighborhood and looked for no kill shelters. Our efforts turned up no owner. We were sure she was dumped as you could tell from her loving, sweet natured disposition that she was domesticated and not feral. The rescues were full and could not take her. So, my son did what he could to help her.

The hours of the Jacksonville Humane society , the time-demands of our personal lives, coupled with the fact that when Jaxy came by it was never the same time of day, did make it difficult to have the time to bring her there. This weekend practically overnight, her black coat had turned 40-50% brown. We had researched this when we Jaxy initially showed up and claimed my son as her owner. She had a small patch of brown on one side. Our research pointed to A nutritional deficiency, amino acid problems, specifically tyrosine, zinc and/ or copper deficiency as a possible reason for this change in her coats color. In addition, several serious diseases could be the culprit.Some people say that this happens to black cats, as if it were normal. However, being a nurse and having owned and had known multiple black cats in my lifetime that this never happened to, was cause for concern.

Jaxy would show up several times a day to come in his apartment, be fed and loved on, play and then sleep for a few hours. He did what he could to give her respite from the Florida heat and a safe, comfortable place to sleep. Then she’d softly meow and he’d let her out ( we assumed to go to the bathroom) and she’d come back later.

This Monday , with my having visited for the weekend, all things worked together and we were able to bring her to the humane society. We found out that she was not pregnant. In fact, she had been spayed, microchipped and adopted out by another cat rescue in Jacksonville. This made the search for her owner and her reunion with them a more hopeful reality for us. Certainly Jaxy had a better shot at being reunited with her owner now than with what we had tried in the past. So we thought.

The Lucky Cat Rescue of Jacksonville, also a no-kill shelter , was contacted by the Humane Society and diligently pursued their data in efforts to find Jaxy’s owner.We received an email today that stated Jaxy , unfortunately, had been passed around to multiple friends and family members and thus they were unable to locate her last owner. In addition, she was FIV positive. We were told that the initial rescue place had all her medical records and was coming to pick her up today so she could get the care that she required. They also assured us, Jaxy will find a good home.Apparently, last time they thought she’d have agood home. I pray that this time it is a forever home for Jaxy. A home where they truly care for and love her like my son and I do.