Ever wonder if the presidential candidates are even worth going out and standing in line in all weather conditions to vote for? Sounds like a silly question but many younger voters don’t even vote. And if you ask around, this right to vote is one right that even older voters have given up. Why? You may ask this question and you will get a myriad of reasons. Truth is, many Americans have realized that republican or democrat, as my son says, are flip sides of the same coin. We are frustrated with the path our politicians have put this country on and think that no matter what we do, nothing will change.

HOWEVER, this is something you may not realize. Even older folks may not have given this much thought. YOUR MOST POWERFUL VOTE IS FOR YOUR SHERIFF OR POLICE CHIEF! While they cannot change much of what they do in Washington, they can change the way your town functions. Is your town a town where you are guilty till proven innocent? Is your town one that incrementally, day by day, is stripping you of your Constitutional Rights as Americans? It is imperative, for your welfare and the welfare of your family that you put your vote to good use and vote for a constitutional sheriff.

Do you know that a constitutional sheriff will not allow the Feds to come in his/her town and dictate what will and will not take place in their town? And furthermore, this is all 100% legal. How do we know how our sheriff and congressmen and women vote on the issues that affect our lives and happiness? Go to the source documents that will tell you exactly how they voted. This is the day and age where we cannot rely on the mainstream media to inform us of truth. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that no matter what channel you tune into, all news are reporting the same thing on any given day. This is a day and age where so much information is right at our fingertips with the click of a button. Personally, I do not enjoy politics at all. There is one thing I dislike more though. That is losing my freedom and rights that were given to me by God and by the Constitution.

Below are links that will empower you to make an educated choice on election day. It’s not about republican or democrat anymore folks. It’s about preserving our rights. I hope you will investigate the facts.


And research the other things, as well as how to get a copy of the information at:


MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! If not, you can expect a rapid decline in your ability to be free.