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I’ve done some research due to the continued phone calls that I receive weekly regarding switching to solar energy for my home. Before you go out and spend thousands of dollars in the guise of saving a few dollars, I will tell you the following scenario that happened to my neighbor. Fortunately, for them, they only got solar panels to heat their pool.
1. They spent upwards of 5,000 dollars to install this system and it took days to install.
2. They did go with a reputable company who was licensed,bonded and insured.
3. The Florida sun beat up the casing on the parts and in about four years they were faced with the cost of those repairs which were not inexpensive.
4. The hurricane debris from nearby trees ( none of the trees were less than 50 feet away from their roof where the panel is installed) damaged a main part which had to be replaced and ordered and a whopping cost for that.
5. During overcast days their pool was not heated to what the specs said it would be heated to.
Bottom line was they spent many of the summer days without heat to their pool. Finally, they got tired of it and just took it down after the last repair. I am certain that, if asked, a company would say this is worst case scenario, however, worst case scenario has, in my opinion, a better than 50% chance of occurring.

Storms and cloudy days are inevitable and occur as does the direct heat from the sun. Now we are faced with EMP threats, from solar flares as well as from the enemy, as well as chem trails. These things used to be called conspiracy theory’s. Now the word is out and finally the government admits it but tries to explain chem trails as necessary for global warming. Below I have listed three links only, so that you can review the data for yourself before you decide to spend your hard earned money