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I am sure this secret is out! However, there are many who may have never visited this franchise so, this blog is really for those people. This store is a MUST  for those of you who are maybe setting up your first apartment or just simply need to save money to use for other important things. This store should not be confused with Dollar General stores, whose prices on many things are well above a dollar.

At the Dollar Tree everything in the store is one dollar and certain things such as greeting cards, many are two for one dollar. I find the cards to be superior to ones in local drug stores and card stores. This is because they carry many themed cards that are difficult to find in other stores. Cards for fiftieth and seventy fifth birthdays for example. Or cards for cousins and aunts and uncles. Many scriptural cards as well, which are becoming harder and harder to find. Childrens cards to uncles and aunts, loss of pets, you name it, they have it. Christian coloring books and music CDs too.

I used to shop for cards and it took me quite a while to find one with the exact sentiment I wished to convey. For instance,  it may say how special the person is and how much they mean to you and then there’s always one sentence that does not apply , so you put the card down and read the next and sometimes must visit the next store till you find the card you are looking for. Not in the dollar tree! I can pretty much guarantee if you go in their for a card, you’ll walk out with the perfect card. As a matter of fact, their cards are so great, that I always look for cards whenever i go there. I have taken a shoe box and fill it with the cards I’ve purchased. This way if I have a wedding or the need for thankyou cards or sympathy and get well cards, I don’t have to even go shopping at the last moment. All the cards I’ve bought based on their beautiful messages are right there in my shoe box. Even blank ones for hand written messages.

When you set up your first apartment, it can be very expensive. You’ll need brooms and mops, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, maybe even tools and tape measures. It’s all there and everything’s one dollar. Shower curtains, clothespins, aluminum foil, placemats and photo frames, candles, room freshness, dishes, mugs, candy dishes, vases, wall plaques, soap dispensers, it’s all there and they do not look like you spent a dollar for them either. No one would ever guess!

Ever have to wrap a gift and have to run out and buy ribbon and wrapping paper?That can be a nightmare. Well, there’s an array of assorted papers and bows and the most beautiful gift bags of all sizes. Just like the cards, I keep  an assortment in my home. And let’s not forget the tissue paper. Nowhere, not even Walmart, can you find sixty sheets of quality tissue paper for one dollar. I go through tons of that at Christmas time. And gift boxes as well. It’s available year round in the dollar store. Party favors for children’s parties, pool toys, plastic eating utensils, tablecloths and napkins and cups that match for your parties.

Yes, I highly recommend visiting your local dollar tree. You will be glad you did!