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Almost that time again. How do we know who’s the right person, who’s the best candidate ? Who will protect our freedoms and rights as Americans? I don’t need to tell you that we are being stripped of our rights. Rights given to us by God and country. Our forefathers wrote the constitution as well as the Bill of Rights to protect the citizens. Well, not many do a very good job of seeing to it that We,the People, are being protected.

Below is a link where you can get a copy of a document that shows you just how our elected officials have voted. Only those that vote constitutional are preserving our rights. Be sure your town elects a constitutional sheriff as well. He will be your only hope and your line of defense when the poop hits the fan. And folks, as much as I dread saying this, it is true,  the poop is and will continue to hit the fan. We have to stand up for our rights and there is strength in numbers. Share this info with your friends, family, neighbors, anyone who will listen. We have to take back America or she will be lost forever. Do your part, review the information. Forget parties. Vote to keep your independence and maintain the way of life as we used to know it. Oust the unconstitutional people in office and put people in office who are for us. People who will fight for our rights as a free society.