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Homemade deodorant  Yea! No aluminum… Which means no fear of developing alzheimers or breast cancer . ( and gentleman, men get breast cancer too ) its all organic. I looked at many recipes on the Internet and decided to go with this one and tweaked it a bit.

  Three tablespoons of pure baking soda Three tablespoons arrowroot powder ( I use bobs mill organic) 2 1/2  tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil Optional 6 drops of lavendar essential oil or tea tree oil or whatever scent you like.

.Personally, I felt it smelled rather nice without the lavendar oil. Not girly smelling either way,  so men can use this too. Mix dry ingredients together, add coconut oil and stir and press powder with back of spoon to be sure it’s thoroughly mixed and creamy. Then add lavendar oil or whatever you like, close the lid and you’re done.

No more harmful ingredients to soak into your pores. I  Have been using this for several days now. Believe it or not , it’s not oily and once you rub it on, it has not stained or  transferred to any of my clothing. And….yes, it works great as far as odor control.

Trust me when I say , that when you live in Florida and your a/c breaks, you definitely sweat!   From what I’ve read on the Internet,coconut oil starts getting liquidy when it’s not kept in a cool place ( under 76 degrees) . My air-conditioner broke so I had to keep it in the refrigerator. Then decided, well you use your fingers to rub it in anyway so just left it out.

  I saw in one of the videos, that since baking soda absorbs odors it’s a good idea to keep in a small mason jar so you don’t have it absorbing any odors from your bathroom. Good idea, I thought. I did put some of it in an old deodorant container but had to put a piece of plastic I fashioned from a ziplock bag on the bottom or I feared if it got liquidy it would drip through the bottom. So I think I will just stick to the mason jar method.  These are some of the videos I watched. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0bXofKySG4A