Here are a few tips to help you through a rough time. Living in a hurricane state has taught me a lot about emergency preparedness. While it is difficult at times to battle Mother Nature, God has equipped us with the ability to think and have free will. Utilizing these divine gifts can help you to survive when things seem to all be going wrong around you. Preparing for the worst when things are going well is the best way to accomplish your goal of survival and safety during a state of emergency.

Ā 1. Keep two gallons of water in your freezer 365 days a year. We lose power from many other things besides inclement weather. When the power goes out, take one gallon out and place it in the center of your refrigerator. This will keep the refrigerator temperature very good for several days. Longer if you limit the opening of the refrigerator to only opening when absolutely necessary.

2. Keep a good brand of powdered milk and powdered drinks on hand so that if you do lose power for several days you can just mix with water and store in the refrigerator. You don’t have to risk the danger of driving in a storm through floodwaters and potentially have a car accident because there’s nothing to drink in the house besides water.

3. Have a flashlight in every room and check their batteries on a specific day of the month say the first or last day. Store additional batteries for the items you will need in a specific place in your home. It should be a cool, dry place. They’ll last longer and you’ll not need to hunt for them in the dark. You’ll know exactly where they are. They also sell lights that you push down to make light go on. These illuminate an entire room. Don’t forget your alarm clock. Be sure it has fresh batteries as well as your smoke alarms.

4. Have at least a three day supply of drinking water on hand. This will be used for drinking only. If you have animals, DONT FORGET YOUR PETS , store a little extra

5. Buy Sterno cans and aluminum pans so that you can cook your food indoors. They sell these in Walmart and any sporting goods stores. These are relatively inexpensive, take up little to no room to store. Keep canned food you like. Be sure to have a canopener that is not electric. DO NOT COOK IN THE CAN. It may seem like you already have a cooking pot but the preservative that lines the cans will leach into the food and make you sick. AGAIN,DON’T FORGET PET FOOD.

6. If you own candles in glass jars be sure to keep one in each room. If needing to go to sleep but you need the candle to stay lit, put it in the sink with an inch or two of water so that you will not have the jar burst and a fire start. Most of those candles have warnings not to leave on for more than two hours. Especially the three wicked ones. This is the reason why, danger of glass bursting. However, not all candles put the warning on it. So being prepared that it could burst is best. The sink also reflects the light. šŸ™‚ just be sure you have matches and lighters in your home. For those deep candles, light a piece of spaghetti and lower the flame into the jar to avoid burning yourself.

7. Ever go to the drug store and try to fill a prescription only to be told its too early to refill it? Well in most states once the governor declares a state of emergency all pharmacies fill it. Be sure if your child is teething you have children’s Tylenol for fever or pain.

8. Clean well and fill your bathtub with water. If the power and water go out you will use this water to put in a sink and bathe and to flush toilets. For houses with multiple people in them the rule is if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down. Sounds disgusting however it conserves the little water you will have. Sanitation is huge! So if it smells get rid of it.

9. Keep baby wipes. They can be used to wipe not just baby but to clean dirty hands as well. They can also be used, one wipe for each body part, feet, arms, face and neck , legs and private parts. Five wipes can be like bathing without using up your water supply.

10. Be sure to Unplug all unused appliances to avoid losing them from power surges or lightning strikes. And for those coffee lovers out there that must have their coffee, you can heat up water and put the coffee filter with a few teaspoons of coffee in it over a mug and put it over the lip of the mug and pour the water through. Or just make a bigger amount of water and pour it directly over the coffee filter in the coffee pot.

11. If you have an extremely large tree outside a room of your house do not sleep in there. If too much rain makes the ground soggy the roots will have nothing to grab onto. Holding onto mud doesn’t work for trees! And they could fall because of their weight. Don’t scare children by letting them know this. Call yourself having a “storm camp out”if need be and everyone brings their pillows and blankets and sleeps together in the same room. It will make a scary time fun for them.

12.Stay safe. Hope these ideas were helpful. Just know there are battery operated fans out there in case you live in a warm or humid climate. There is no reason we should suffer greatly. Preparing ahead is essential. šŸ™‚ you’ll be glad you did. Children are afraid so make games like sitting on a blanket in a safe room and call it a cookie picnic or lightning picnic. And count the lightning strikes and sing songs. OH I ALMOST FORGOT. Nice to use your fine China ( paper plates and cups)Ā