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For me it was a family reunion. For you it may be a beach wedding, birthday milestone celebration etc. Easy and fun to do. If you are blessed enough to live by a beach, the main ingredient is free. If not, seashells can pretty much be purchased anywhere these days. I was fortunate enough to have an abundance of shells from my beach strolls at a friends condo . Here’s how I made them…


1. Seashells ( they don’t all have to be the same but if you want them the same there are many places on line that sell them.

2. Old pot to boil them in 

3. Bucket and  Bleach

4. Craft paint ( color of your choice)

5. Clear glossy spray paint

6. Toothpicks

7. Old towel or paper towels that are placed on top of a plastic garbage bag

8. Extra fine glitter ( optional)

9. Cardboard or oak tag for spraying clear coat. The shells won’t stick to the cardboard but will to paper towels.


1. Gather enough seashells for all your guests plus a few extra in case any break.

2.  Rinse all sand off and boil  shells to remove bacteria.

3. Soak in bleach water overnight to be sure all bacteria has been eradicated.

4. Rinse shells and lie on towel to dry. If you can put them out on a patio it will expedite the process.

5. Place shells on cardboard and Clear coat all shells with a coat of clear spray paint. ( the reason I do this first is so if I make a drip or mistake, it will wipe right off with a wet cloth without ruining the shell.) You can now apply fine glitter paint if you’d like or wait till you’ve painted your message.

6.Once dried, take a pointed toothpick and dip into your paint and start writing your message. I use a toothpick because it affords more control over where the paint goes. Shells are porous and not flat with many ridges and imperfections that just don’t allow your letters to be fine if you used a paint brush. Toothpicks have always seemed to work much better for me.

7. Allow the paint to dry.  Spray again with a coat of clear glossy spray paint and let dry. I like to let dry and do a second coat of clear spray. Now you have a one of a kind memento of your special occasion that will last for years and can be wiped with a wet cloth when dusty without danger of removing the message. Hope you’ll give this a try. Enjoy.