I sat APPAULED as I watched the news tonight about an arrest that was made on a sexual offender that a tip came in on his whereabouts. They said they found him hiding in a bin inside the house.

The Sheriff said , “When they fail to register, we just don’t know where they are”. WHAT!??? How can they not know where the rapists and child molesters are once they are released?

Why do they leave it up to the criminal to register themselves for this? Why aren’t they put into the system and registered as a sex offender upon conviction of the crime? SERIOUSLY? We don’t know where they are if they fail to register??

They should have to prove where they will be living and the person they will be living with. This person should be told that they must report when the person is no longer living with them as well upon release from prison. Not wait for the criminal ( who obviously doesn’t obey the law) to register himself as a sex offender.

We need to write to our governors and flood their offices with mail regarding the burden to register them should be on the state not leave it up to the criminal. Unbelievable! We may all say , ” why bother, nothing will change? ” my answer to that is bother for yours and your children and grandchildrens safety. It’s just an email or stamp away. Not very much work on our part at all.

 There is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. We need to do something as a country to change what we see is wrong in this world. We all just sit around, and I am guilty of this myself at times, and complain about our elected officials. Write an email, send a letter to the governor of your state with a copy to the state attorneys office. When they get a few hundred thousand emails regarding this topic, they won’t be able to just do nothing.