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Listen up my fellow Americans..


You call yourselves Americans yet are calling for the assassination of the newly elected American President? This IS NOT the American way. This is the way of dictators. Places that dont think twice about killing their citizens or president.this is the way of Terrorists. Fear based systems of control is what they use to accomplish their goals. There’s even one post showing a photo of someone holding a sign that says “Rape Melania” . Dear Lord!! Where’s the love in these messages ?  I sure as hell can’t see it. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO DO THIS! 

One minute Hillary supporters are saying they hate trump because he doesnt respect women and then these same Hillary supporters protest with signs that say Rape Melania? Is that respect for women? BUNCH of MENTALLY UNSTABLE, ANGRY, VIOLENT, RIOT INCITING INDIVIDUALS.  Hillary supporters are the ones burning down cities, inciting riots, threatening to kill trump. So, who’s violent? Who disrespects women? This is unbelievably sad to me to see this happening in America or anywhere! Totally unbelievable, disgusting and unacceptable behavior.

For all the people who  are so distraught they swore they’d  leave the country, I say this….we will see about your characters and how truthful you all are. If I were rich I’d buy you all a plane ticket. We do not need division in this country. The bushes Clinton’s and Obama have all done a great job at dividing races and causing all the problems we face today. 

What I will say is this… They got the slogan right… Love DOES  trump hate ! And the godly people of this world  will continue to love. And pray for Mr. Trump. Because we LOVE God, living in a free society, living free from tyranny. LOVE will prevail and considering that during the election, Michigan wasn’t counted. When you add the results for Michigan you can see that Donald Trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral college votes.

He hasn’t even taken office yet but is being blamed for all kinds of things that he has had nothing to do with! He was never a congressman. He had absolutely nothing to do with influencing government or any of the problems this world has or that we are suffering. He was nice and comfortable in his happy life, building businesses and working every day at his company. Like me and millions of others, as evidenced by his landslide victory on election day, he loves America and was sick of seeing what’s happening. Also, can these protestors and Facebook, twitter twits not see or are they so stupid that they don’t know that he IS NOT PRESIDENT? He is the President Elect. OBAMA is still president. Where is Obama? Golfing again? Why is he not holding a press conference telling these idiots that they will be prosecuted? And trying to unite the country?

When I look at the Internet  and see all these “kill trump” , ” trump needs to die” , “what black man is going to kill trump? ” and titles of the like, I honestly….honestly cannot wrap. my head around these peoples brains. Are they so stupid that they do not realize that conspiracy to commit murder is a crime? No less they have their IP address attached to their hateful message. Yet they hold a sign saying love trumps hate. UNBELIEVABLE!