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I’m sure many of you have not read about the crisis actors. Don’t believe this article because I say so, research it for yourself and then you will understand this blog and my disdain for these unbelievably horrid human beings who would do ANYTHING for money. This includes defacing peoples property and burning people’s houses down, beating innocent people and spreading hateful messages that are lies, running around the streets acting like lunatics.

UCLA actually told their students they did not have to take their midterm exams if they were too distraught about the election results! Are you kidding me ?! If you are so distraught about election results that your college needs to bring in counselors and you can’t take your tests that are required for your degree then, in my opinion there is something wrong with you and you don’t deserve a degree. Fail the class and take it over next semester. UNBELIEVABLE !

All during this campaign Hillary hired actors to the tune of 500-1500 dollars a week to stir up problems at Trump rally’s so they could say people hated him. THIS IS A FACT AND SHE WAS BUSTED. Now again these buses were spotted crossing states lines to cause protests, civil unrest etc. BLACK LIVES MATTER GROUPS as far as I am concerned are terrorists. They are reportedly all paid for by George Soros, Hillary’s good friend who has crashed more than one country’s economy. To Gain Global Power and control.

They claim to represent the African American population however, I have many black friends and family members and none of them act that way or do those things. They are educated and loving people. I’d like to know How these people sleep at night. Knowing they are hurting others for no reason other than to make money. They claim to stand for equality for blacks and say they are against hatred. I would say any organization that is named after the color of their skin in their title IS IN FACT A RACIST group. But they call Trump and white people racists? The hatred they display for anyone who has a different opinion than they do is deplorable . God is watching, that’s for sure.

They are causing racial division by their animal like destruction. No respect for people or people’s property or people’s lives. Yet they are fighting for respect. Really? Well all you idiots, respect is EARNED. If the BLM ( black lives matter) group actually did something to help black people I would respect them as I did Martin Luther King. He was a man who made his voice heard and who led peaceful protests to get his message across. I am hearing racist, racist, racist so much that it has lost its meaning for many people. Which makes it very bad for people who are true victims of racism. I have included a video to show you what these BLM members do to people of their own race. It’s just incredible. A grown man telling a black teen that he and his parents are a disgrace. Shaming a child because he liked Donald Trump. So much anger and hatred against a child he doesnt even know. A child i would be very proud to call my son because he had more knowledge about the facts and more restraint than a man four times his age. The part that really boggles the mind is that if you vote for Trump you are a racist to them. Hillary is white too. Lol. if black lives really matter to them then they would not have treated a child of their own race so badly.