It really is a shame and scary as well that our government officials, in this case the Democrats, will stop at nothing to carry out the political agenda for this country that Donald Trump has intercepted. They will stop at NOTHING to gain control again. Those of you who do not like Trump, I get that. We are all entitled as a free country to express our opinions freely as guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution.
However, the same people who were trying to say President Elect Donald J. Trump would not accept the election results have done EXACTLY what they said he would do but worse. We MUST pray for Trump and his family.
They will stop at nothing to include starting World War III to make it possible for Obama to declare a state of emergency so that he can stay in power longer and suspend the inauguration. Or to go so far as to assassinate Trump as well as Mike Pence so that speaker of the house Paul Ryan would then become President.
This is such a pitiful shame how powerful and power hungry the Globalist Elite have become. For Gods sake America, WAKE UP! This is going on in plain site. Whether you like Trump or not it is the principle of what’s being done that is important here.
Vladimir Putin is annihilating Isis which is in his country’s best interest to do so.