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Breaking news, obama just told all the russian diplomats, i think fifty , maybe more that they have 72 hours to leave the United States. This has never happened in the history of United States even during the Cuban missile crisis and it is an act of war. Obama conveniently did this while most of Congress was away as this is the Christmas holiday. Normally Congress decides when to go to war. However he did it when most people are away. Your congressman that is going in to office has no authority and the congressman who is going out it is on vacation for the Christmas New Year’s holiday PLEASE… to avoid world war , A nuclear world war three with Russia I IMPLORE you to please call your governor first and if they don’t know about it just tell them about it OR you can Google this. Call your governor and leave a message and an email if you can letting people know that we do not want World War III. Call your Senator as well as these are the only two offices that can do something about this. There is no Congress right now and this is why Obama waited to do this. It is a very scary time folks and all I can say is to prepare yourself as far as having fresh food and water and for your pets as well. If you have never called a governor or senator or congressman in your life now would be the time that you would want to do this. I will include the link where you can watch yourself and God help us all thankyou .