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OUR CURRENT COMMANDER IN CHIEF IS CLEARLY A DOMESTIC ENEMY. THE MILITARY OATH THAT IS TAKEN SAYS, ” I do solemly swear ( or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and bear true faith and allegience to the same and to obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over me, according to regulation and the Uniform  Code of Military Justice so help me God”.

WHAT HAPPENS NOW WHEN THE PRESIDENT IS THE DOMESTIC ENEMY? In this instance the first order of importance is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And in this case they would be justified to not obey the President and to stand down nd not carry out unconstitutional orders. Be aware this is why Obama has fired so many miltary generals. BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO OBEY UNCONSTUTINAL ORDERS THAT WOULD HARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. HE HAS FIRED MORE  GENERALS AND COMMAND LEVEL OFFICERS THAN ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED.

This President has been consistently giving executive orders byassing Congess whose job it is to decide when we go to war. He has abused his power and done so much harm by taking away our rights through these executive orders that it is UNBELIEVABLE that people of Congress have not protested against it.

This is NOT a professing by me in any way shape or form hatred of Muslim people as I know and have worked with many. However, the president is admittedly Muslim, has appointed a Muslim to the office of the head of homeland security as well as allowing thousands of refugees for which ISIS has sworn to be in the mix, to come into our country and they are still coming. Thanks to Obama. John Brennan the Director of CIA, the drone master, also appointed by Obama is a converted Muslim. ARE WE BLIND? I dont THINK it takes a rocket scientist to see where we are headed.

Now, in a DHS ( dept of homeland security) memo Obama has said he wants to make our voting process federalized and secret. WHAT? this is insane! If he gets away with this Our votes will then be controlled by a centralized location of the government and we will be informed who won. In this memo he also said this is the end of transparency in the electoral process, total central contol by the Federal Government. Of our voting? Really?

OFFICERS in the military take an oath  that has an added phrase to the above oath that says, ” I take this oath of my own free will without hesitation or purpose of evasion” meaning this oath is being taken of my own free will and I’m not going to back out of it.” While I feel this additional phrase is not necessary, it is the oath in addition to the above oath.

Those of you who may have not ever noticed, everytime Congress is on vacation for example during the Christmas and new years holidays, FOR YEARS now, legislation is passed under the radar so most congress representatives do not get a chance to read it and only the people who are present get to vote it into law. THIS IS AN UNDERHANDED trick and is not a violation of the Constitution due to the fact that the few congressional members do vote on it, many times without reading it in its entirety. The worst legislation is voted into law during these times.

We are in troubled times and the Global elite are not standing down. This is the worst presidential transition I have ever known. They are so freaked out and such sore losers that they couldnt steal the election, recounted votes n that didnt work, had riots and threatened electoral college voters lives with death threats etc. ( THIS IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE AND WITH THE INTERNET YOU CAN FIND DOZENS OF STORIES ABOUT THIS)  and that didn’t work.

They are trying to accuse so badly Trump of being a Russian agent in cahoots with Putin and this is unbelievably ….I dont even know the adjective its so outrageous. Presidents all over the world are and have expressed happiness and looking forward to working with our president elect Donald Trump and WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? Our presidents job requires him or her to have an open mind and to have good relations with people in order to maintain world peace.

I PRAY OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN ABIDE BY THEIR OATH AND REFUSE  TO OBEY UNLAWFUL ORDERS. Now he who criticized Trump for wanting to build a wall and his wife saying we dont do that.?lol theyre building a huge wall around their rented mansion.

Pray for America. Pray that our Congress takes a stand. Obama is guilty of treason, in the literal definition, and can be seen in the 2012 NDAA ( national defense authorization act) .


” He who votes decides nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything”  a quote of Joseph Stalin the brutal dictator.