Can people not see that constantly accusing decent people of racism and constantly rioting and killing police officers and other people IS NOT helping the african american people be accepted? It is painting yourselves as an angry race and is destroying peoples cities and lives. The continued violence and accusing others of racism as your excuse to trash neighborhoods, destroy peoples lives, threaten people and the continued talk of slavery and things that happened many years ago really makes you look angry, racist, violent, and unintelligent.
I saw two people talking about things that happened sixty years ago as their platform while they accused sessions of being a racist. Both were black senators. And kept talking about how things used to be segregated and slavery and stuff that none of us alive are responsible for. TO WIT, I am looking at these african americans thinking to myself, “What the heck are you talking about?’re both black and both senators! Something that was not allowed way back in the day you both were complaining of. I feel Dr. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of you all!
And the hate group, ” Black Lives Matter” ? In my opinion, not only has it done nothing to help blacks but its members are showing the world a totally different picture painting blacks as a bunch of ignorant, violent, hateful, unwilling to speak and behave in a civil tone and behave in a civil manner, kind of people. Dr. Martin Luther King gave his LIFE to get black Americans to be respected and this is how you honor his legacy? What the heck is wrong with all of you?
You are hurting all blacks by behaving the way you are. Dr. Martin Luther King said he dreamed of the day when all men would be judged by their character and not the color of their skin. WHAT KIND OF CHARACTER is portrayed burning cities, killing and beating people up because they are white or even other blacks that disagree with your point of view or voted for trump. What kind of character is being portrayed by this type of behavior? I WILL TELL YOU THE CHARACTER IT PORTRAYS. ITS NOT A GOOD ONE.
If I would not know better from having many, many black friends and coworkers over many years that were educated and kind and thoughtful people and these were the only black people I ever saw was the ones on TV doing all this horrible, unGodly, horrific stuff, I can tell you this…it would not make me think you were my equal. You want equality? You have it…we have a black president for crying out loud! Wake up man! You are setting back equality for all blacks by not behaving like most of the world behaves.
And the very predjudice you are accusing whites of, you are PUBLICLY DISPLAYING every time you are beating whites and blacks who vote for Trump. And causing violence is scheduled by THE J20 group for the inauguration? Disgraceful! Are you serious? This is America.It is a free country and all people can believe whatever they want so long as it doesnt violate the life, liberty and property of others.
We are living in a perilous world right now. America is on the verge of world war III and the globalists are loving the racial tensions they are escalating so that they can divide and conquer us. George Soros is an evil, villanous white man who funds BLM and other crisis actors USING the black men and women, paying the crisis actors to disrupt society, causing racial tension and dividing the races and thus destabilizing our nation. Why are you allowing this evil white man to use and manipulate you? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! Start acting like human beings and think of the effect you are having on others. RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN.
Stop thinking in the color of ones skin and realize we are all created by the same God. And make no mistake about it, we are all going to be held accountable for our deeds here on Earth. I will pray for you all. And stop with the racist stuff. Please! The word is becoming so frequently misused that when someone indeed is a victim of racism, nobodys gonna listen. And THAT will be a travesty that you will be partly responsible for.
And before you get on your high horse and accuse me of racism myself, know that I have a bi-racial son. My mother-in-law was like the my mother I never had . I loved her deeply as I do the rest of my relatives . I dont judge people by their skin color. I judge them by their heart and by how they treat others. My son is retired military, an ordained minister and just got his bachelors degree. He is not running around trashing peoples neighborhoods and beating people up because he is black. Ask God to guide you in what you should do.