I will start by saying that we all have our right to express our opinions and this is guaranteed to us under the Constitution. I will also say that NEVER in my 61 years on this earth have I lost sleep over an inauguration till now. I am trying to sleep and am still awake. I usually fall asleep after praying. However, tonight I am in such despair over what I fear is coming. Not just that Trumps big moment will be tainted by hate or his celebration will be ruined even though I bet none of you would want this to happen to you or any family members if you were in his shoes, but sincerely, My thoughts are honestly also of all of you. Because of the global elites trying to prevent someone who is FOR THE PEOPLE , ALL PEOPLE, They have pitted races against races dividing this country. In their efforts to paint him as against women, against blacks, against TBLGTs all of you will show up to make your voices heard and whether or not it is your intention does not matter- there will be violence and bloodshed. Many will not make it home that day because of their decision to go protest.
I am a mother and grandmother and thanks be to God I do not have to worry about burying any of my children or grandchildren that day. I do not have to worry about my children being motherless or fatherless because we decided to go disrupt a function so our voices could be heard. Your voices have been heard for months and Mr. Trump knows what needs to be done to help you. I had the opportunity to go to the Inauguration. I turned the free tickets down. Even though it has been something Ive never had the opportunity to do it would have been a neat thing to have experienced. However, sadly, I feel my life is more important than having the experience of buying a pretty dress and going to a huge, once in a lifetime party that I could remember the rest of my life. It is going to be dangerous. So many protesters, hired security, police, bikers, homeland security, military personnel, not to mention the people who are attending for the festivities to welcome our new president, like all other presidents in our history have done. The area will have over a million people there. I implore each of you to think about what you are doing.
So many fatherless children are in this world already. Every child needs both parents. For some of you, it may be an elderly parent who needs you. And I can assure you that the global elite DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE BEAT UP, TRAMPLED OR DIE. Many women, thousands, have applied for protest permits to attend. I ask each of you who are planning to protest to imagine yourself in a coffin. Who is at your funeral? What kind of emotional shape are your family and friends in?
They are ready and waiting for the riots to start. If you ever wondered what true pandemonium is like I fear you will find it on that day. Stay home with your babies and families. Trump has heard your voices. And he cares and wants to help. He has made all the right enemies at the top who hate the fact that Americans are tired of what the leadership has done to us all. BUT This is not worth it. Your life,if not important to you, is important to your children and family members. If this post saves just one life it was worth the hours of sleep I have lost. And so, with that being said, after this, my prayer for you, I may be able to sleep. I am a nurse by trade and am used to fixing people. It is a bad feeling to be powerless to help hurting people. So, my brain told me get out of bed and write this. That it is the only thing I can do. So heres my prayer … Gracious heavenly father I come to you on behalf of all Americans. If they so choose to go out and protest please keep them safe father and spare the children their parents. Send legions of angels to the White House so that these protests do not cause grief and serious injury and death. Guide their minds and decisions.Give them comfort in knowing that you are in control no matter who is president. I asked these things and thank you for these things in Jesus name. Amen