About Georgio

Hi there everyone! I am Georgio. I am a 60 year old who has been a Registered Nurse for close to thirty years. One of the things I am passionate about is helping others  to have healthy and productive lives.  Let’s face  it, it can’t be fun to become older and not be able to enjoy your retirement . I can tell you for certain, I will retire in a few years but, my committment to keeping myself and others healthy will end when I take my last breath. I love being a nurse, I love nature, I love animals , I love creating things, enjoy cooking and giving smiles to people who don’t have one.

I am a Christian by faith and pray every day that I can demonstrate to others the same kind of love that Jesus shows to us. I am very new at this blogging thing and I am determined to figure out how to set my site up. And, until I can make mine look like others, I hope that you all can  bear with me. The site may not be pretty yet, but the content in my blogs will be factual , researched and from personal experiences. With my blogs, I hope to achieve educating you so that you can remain healthy, brighten your day , share funny stories and make you smile! 🙂 God bless you all.


5 thoughts on “About Georgio”

  1. Good luck with the new blog … and cheers to retiring in a few years.


  2. Nice to meet you! I wish you all the success with your blog and I look forward to learning from your wisdom. May happiness follow you wherever you go! Koko:)


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