When I first became a nurse thirty years ago, one in about thirty patients had diabetes. The first four to five years of my career I had seen only two patients with kidney ( renal) problems, and perhaps three people with cancer. Sadly, the last ten to fifteen years the rise of these diseases is alarming! I have lost family members and friends too. This alarming rise in kidney failure needing dialysis, breast cancer, reproductive cancers, prostate and even childhood and rare forms of cancer, as well as the sharp rise in people diagnosed with diabetes in this time frame is what made me so passionate about uncovering the truth about what the FDA is hiding. Not just hiding, but not properly monitoring new medications. This is why you see all these BAD DRUG television commercials. The food and drug administration has failed miserably, in my and millions of others eyes , in doing what they are supposed to do. Keep us safe! That is their job. But they are easily bribed by big corporations and the pharmaceutical companies to approve things before they have sufficient trial studies to see the harmful effects  and dire consequences that we, the American people are suffering. If you happen to be one of those people who think all these things are conspiracies, I implore you, PLEASE for yourself, your children and grand children’s health, have an open mind and just watch these videos. That is all I ask. As a nurse, much of my job is educating people so they can make informed decisions. All these things are on thousands of sites and GMO ( genetically modified organisms, AKA GM foods ( genetically modified) are something to be very concerned about. All the things on these videos are both facts and are public information. And all these people cannot be wrong. GMO foods have been banned completely in Europe.  I pray that God will guide your mind and allow you to at least watch these videos or connect to them and email them to yourselves to view at a later time. Thankyou in advance for watching and I assure you if you sit undisturbed and watch these in the same way as you watch a new movie, my goal will be accomplished because you WILL start doing the research and you and your children will not have to suffer these ailments. There was an old saying,I recall hearing as a child. Goes something like this…. What you don’t know won’t hurt you. In these days that still holds true, what you don’t know won’t hurt you, IT WILL KILL YOU. Sorry to be so blunt. This is not something that can not  be sugar coated. God bless you all. Please see my blogs on GMO foods.

This first link below is called seeds of death. Sometimes it says it’s no longer available.i guess they try to take it down. It’s called seeds of death full movie


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